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Attention to Detail

25 years experience

“Exceptional in every way . . . When we chose Wood Floors by Chris Curry for our hardwood floor refinishing project, we were encouraged by previous customers who raved about his work. From the very first consultation with Chris, we were impressed by his professionalism and knowledge. Chris patiently answered all our questions and there were many. We wanted our floors to have a lighter, more natural finish and Chris recommended a newer product called Rubio Monocoat. This was just the product we needed
to achieve the look we were after. Chris is a consummate professional. We were informed at every step of the process. By the end of the project we felt that Chris under-promised and over-delivered. We are beyond thrilled with the results and highly recommend Wood Floors by Chris Curry for your hardwood floor installation or refinishing project.”

-John and Gina Rakes

“I am thrilled at the work that Chris Curry provided as he assisted me in the final sanding and finishing of our floors!
We have been remodeling a 4200 sq. ft. mid-century modern home in Asheville.  A critical element of our remodel project was the installation of 4 inch wide Ash floors on the entire upper level.  After interviewing several contractors, it was clear that Chris was the only craftsman in the area who would apply the skill, care, expertise and tenacity to ensure that the final finishing of the floors was what we needed it to be.
Chris assisted us with product and color selection, he coordinated with us on our own schedule to complete the project, worked tirelessly to finish the project on time, and has followed up to make sure we were completely satisfied.  His attention to detail and the care that he showed in keeping our home clean and organized during this enormous project was amazing!
I have never worked with with anyone who has such a level of achievement orientation on a project.  He refused to do anything but superior work in our home…and the results show it.  When people come into our home, they immediately remark on the beauty of the floors. I highly recommend Chris.  He is the best!”

-Alan Williams, Asheville, NC

“Chris refinished our 1948 horribly abused floors to beauty once again.  The PolyWhey finish we had requested he use has had no odors (even the next day) and has remained beautiful through our daily use.  Very impressed by his attention to detail and willingness to work with our requests.  You would have no idea now that it’s the same floor as before.”

-Jennifer and Dwight Dabbs, Asheville

“I highly recommend Chris Curry as your wood floor specialist. His greatest attribute is his professionalism, which means the quality of the work he does and being responsible in getting it done. Once we agreed to the cost, which was quite reasonable compared to the other quotes I got, he set to working right away. Chris has all of the equipment needed to refinish a floor. It was obvious he has been doing this a long time because it wasn’t long before transformation started happening. In the process I found Chris extremely easy to work with, and he avidly explained to me how his equipment worked, what he was doing and what he would do next.

He worked tirelessly to get it done, and as there was about 2500sf of floors in my house (which was built in 1900), it was a big job. He removed moulding carefully, and even the thresholds, a few of which were thin from over 100 years of wear, without breaking them. He worked in my tiny closets, much of which had to be done by hand, and sanded and refinished the 20 steps on my staircase. There were three wood repairs that had to be done (remove and replace bad wood), and he handled them all with the greatest of ease, discussing with me how he would do each one.

I am a do-it-yourselfer, and at one point I thought about giving it a try. After watching Chris work there is no doubt in my mind that it was a foolish thought. Refinishing wood floors is demanding, both in skill and technique, and the right equipment has to be on hand all the time to attend to every need. It is a lot of work and Chris did an amazing job. Best of all there was almost no dust – he has the equipment to suck it up and bag it – before it sees the light of day. I continue to look at the floors as I walk around the house and marvel at how good a job he did with it, and how easy he was to work with. It’s a rare experience to have such a large, complex job completed without real problems, but this one was and I thank Chris for it.”

-Tom Kempf

“Chris Curry has done two jobs for me. The
lastest was a two story nine room house here in Asheville.

Chris does excellent work. He seems to treat the job
as if it were a work of art. When he’s done you can enjoy
the result of his knowledge, skill and yes, passion.

Chris is thorough, careful and fastidious as he works.

One of the things that impresses me is the lack of dust left
behind by his technique and equipment. When he’s done there
is literally no clean-up. In my experience that’s not the case
with other floor finishers.

I have found that there is very little difference in the quotes
received from floor finishers. Across three quotes on the job I
mention above, the spread was about $75.00.

Chris’ quote was competitive. Even if it were higher, knowing his work,
I would gladly paid more to have him do the work. It would be well worth it.”

-Stan Nachman

“My husband and I had our hardwood living room floor refinished by Chris this winter and we are so thrilled with the result!!! The floor is absolutely gorgeous – I knew it would look better than it did before, but I didn’t realize just how beautiful the floors could be!  The finish is super-durable, and we haven’t seen a single scratch (even with our dog running around on it everyday)!!  We would wholeheartedly recommend Chris Curry to anyone wanting to improve the look of their hardwood floors!”

-Zack and Amy Brown

“Chris Curry finished floors in three homes for me.  He did an
excellent job, he came when he said he would each time, and cleaned up
after finishing the work.  His machine which incorporated a vaccum,
kept dust to a minimum.  I am very happy with his work, and the cost
was good, not too expensive.  The floors look very good and improved
the homes 100%.  Lots of folks comment on the floors as soon as they
come in for a visit, they like the appearance.  Of all the remodeling
I have done, the floors change the character of the homes the most.
The floors are holding up well, they still have the new floor look,
after a couple of years.”

-Jim Brown, Asheville

“Before we purchased our first home it sat vacant and open to the weather for two or more years. The floors seemed surely lost. During a massive renovation Chris came in and rejuvenated the floors in the whole house to an outstanding condition. This not only saved us a bag of money but it also saves the environment by keeping our floor boards out of the landfill and requires little use of new floor material. Refinishing older floors by principle is a greener solution.”

-James C Rogers

“As a licensed general contractor specializing in renovation and retrofit, I
have repeatedly called on Chris Curry to install and/or refinish flooring
for me. Chris’ work has consistently been of the highest quality and it is
safe to say that he is a craftsman, and not simply an installer. Chris takes
his work very seriously and whether it is a meticulous hardwood floor patch,
sanding and refinishing and old floor, or installing a new system, I know
that I can count on the job being done to the highest standards. I use Chris
for all my flooring work, have recommended him to friends and customers, and
would hire him to work on the floors in my own house. I highly recommend
Chris Curry.”

-Derrick Hall, President
RE/Construct Incorporated

“Chris’ meticulous preparation led the way to a magnificent result. Our floors, which were in fair to good shape, now gleam with a lovely finish.”

-Todd H. Speidell, Ph.D.

“Having Chris Curry refinish all the floors in my  house was a pleasure in every way.  In addition to the beautiful satin finish he applied to the flawlessly sanded floors,  there were several repairs which required real woodworking skill.  Chris repaired each transition and hole as if it had never existed.  Chris also was punctual, polite and treated me and my home with respect.  He provided a written estimate which was equal to the final bill.  He left everything neat and clean.  I am looking forward to working with him again soon. Thanks Chris.”

-Anne Gietzen

“We recently moved into our home in Carter Cove where Chris installed and finished our hardwood floors. We selected antique 5″ hickory and Chris did a masterful job throughout. There are many angles and all the cuts and fits are tight and the finish superb. Kudos to Chris. I highly recommend him for even the most complex job.”

-Jim Morgan

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